What We Do


Business Valuation

We have performed over 400 business valuations for divorce, tax, shareholder disputes and other purposes.  We work with many attorneys and CPAs in the greater Sacramento and Northern California area to meet their client’s valuation needs.  We have over 12 years of experience providing business valuation services.  Please see our webpage on business valuation experience for a list of the types of businesses we have valued.

We strive to provide well thought out, well researched and supportable business valuations to our clients that will withstand cross-examination by the opposing party’s attorney.  We provide these thorough business valuations by reviewing important documents, meeting with the owners at their place of business, and discussing their current and pressing issues to meet them head on.



We specialize in providing forensic accounting and business valuation services to family law attorneys.  We have solid experience calculating business owners’ income available for support and using the Pereira and Van Camp apportionment methods to calculate separate and community property interests.  We also have experience tracing separate property claims related to separate property ownership before marriage, gifts, inheritance and post-separation efforts.  Often we help family law attorneys to allocate separate and community interests in retirement plans and investment accounts.


Estate and Gift Tax Valuations

We provide business valuation services for estate and gift tax purposes.  We work with estate planning attorneys to value minority and controlling interests in family limited partnerships and tenant in common interests in real estate.  We provide thorough and defensible valuations by reviewing documents, requesting real estate appraisals, and through discussions with management.  We document our findings by providing our clients and their attorneys full USPAP disclosure reports that are accurate and easy to read.


Shareholder Disputes

We have experience valuing controlling and minority interests in companies to assist in settling shareholder disputes.  We have worked with several companies and shareholders to explain a company’s valuation issues and their historical accounting records.  Occasionally we are hired to review valuations performed by other appraisers or to review accounting records to inform and bring the outside shareholders up to speed and provide them with peace of mind as to how the controlling shareholder has been running the business.


Tax Controversy

We have experience assisting tax attorneys working with the IRS.  Often we organize, request, and locate documents to facilitate interactions with the IRS.  By performing this function we free up the attorney’s time so they can focus on negotiation and managing the case.  We have successfully settled tax issues with IRS and appeal agents.